ArtsLink International Fellowships​: US Projects

2020 Participants

Performance Art

Performance artist and activist, Selma Banich addresses issues of gender, reproductive rights, female labor, contemporary migration, borders and geopolitics. Placed in site-specific contexts, her interventions are often devised in close collaboration with local communities. Employing varieties of methodologies, performative languages, presentational formats and transdisciplinary approaches, Selma creates an art process with careful awareness of her protagonists. She conducted a year-long research on female labor, income inequality, housing and discrimination. She is developing an app that maps systemic violence in migration processes and assists migrants in determining current problems. During her residency, Selma wanted to immerse herself in migrant and refugee communities’ daily lives. She is also interested in historical archives on labor and anarchist movements of the late 19th early 20th century and migration history in the US.