Participant Profile

Iman Zaki


Cultural manager, researcher, consultant and theater performer, Iman Zaki co-founded Reflection for Arts, a training and development organization in Alexandria, Egypt in 2007. The organization provides space and support for visual and performing artists and promotes the role of the arts in community development. Her work experience ranges from cultural management and facilitation to curating and producing work that investigates oppression, sexual harassment and domestic violence among many other social issues, with a focus on personal transformation and the use of theater and other art practices as tools for social change.

Deeply concerned by governmental censorship, a lack of adequate funding and the rejection of contemporary methodologies in local academic art schools, Iman has recently opened a school for emerging artists. During her residency in the US, Iman is keen to immerse in the work of performing arts organizations, particularly management and administration, development and fundraising strategies as well as new approaches to pedagogy and production. Website>>