Participant Profile

Ann Mirjam Vaikla


Curator and residency director Ann Mirjam Vaikla works at the intersection of art practice and arts management. With a background in the performing arts, Ann’s work included scenography and directing. She is the director of the Narva Art Residency (NART), a unique cultural platform facilitating residencies, art exhibitions, talks and educational workshops in Narva on the Estonian-Russian border. The residency’s goal is to generate creative exchange between practitioners and to strengthen links with the local community. The Narva Urban Lab produces symposiums, educational workshops, exhibitions, community activities and concert programs dealing with post-industrial heritage, multicultural communities, border city specifics and shrinking populations.

While in the US, Ann is keen to explore art residency programs. She is curious to meet artists and art institutions actively working with community engagement and to investigate creative ways of bringing together art practices, institutions and local communities.