Program values in 2024

CEC ArtsLink stands resolutely with artistic communities that are currently displaced or living in exile. We prioritize support for independent artists and arts leaders in rebuilding their artistic lives and professional networks.

CEC ArtsLink will continue to focus its programming initiatives to address the needs of the cultural communities in the many regions we support, and in particular artists and arts leaders who have been displaced from their homes or forced into exile. We will work to support them wherever they are now living. Priority will be given to artists and arts leaders whose work expands people’s awareness, understanding, and active participation in environmental and/or social justice issues.

We also believe it is of vital importance to maintain contact and engagement with independent artists and arts leaders who oppose war and stand for peace and individual freedom and whose voices have been silenced or suppressed by authoritarian governments.

CEC ArtsLink believes it is vital for the future of all of us around the globe that we continue to find ways to support artists and arts leaders to sustain civil society transnationally. To this end, we believe it is essential that we continue to support and empower those independent artists and arts leaders who share our values of compassion, peace, and freedom.

November 2023