Participant Profile

Mirna Bamieh


Live performance and culinary artist Mirna Bamieh is the creator and director of the Palestine Hosting Society. This live art project explores traditional food cultures in Palestine especially those on the verge of disappearing. It brings vanishing dishes back to life over dinner tables, walks, and various interventions. Food has always been a representation of time and power. It creates a significantly different atmosphere for encounters. Sharing food puts on the table aspects of hospitality, distribution, exchange, familiarity and pleasure. A shared meal can become a space of reflection on socio-political realities, attitudes, fashions, and even the suppressed elements of history. Mirna also works with pottery using natural materials, tribal designs and early ceramic techniques that disappeared from most of the Mediterranean region and the Iberian Peninsula in the 17th century. During her residency in the US, Mirna will research food practices and revival of fermentation techniques for food preservation. She is keen to meet artists that employ social and community practices to raise awareness of the pantry space. She is also interested to learn more about ceramics and pottery traditions of North America.