Participant Profile

Katja Šulc


Slovenian singer, songwriter and musician Katja Šulc works with poetry and music.  Her expression is focused on setting poetry to music and storytelling through songs. Her work embraces contemporary folk, exploring modern and traditional poetry and endangered languages and cultures. Katja’s recent album KAMLISAJLAN (2016) is based on Rromani poetry from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, while her new album CARICIAS (2021) pays tribute to Mexican poetry, including traditional and indigenous poems.

During her ArtsLink International Fellowship 2020 (virtual and in-person residencies), Katja researches Native American culture, history, values and beliefs. She is dedicating her residency in the US to foster a deep dialogue with Native American artists and communities. Katja draws a parallel between Native American culture and Pre-Christian culture in Slovenia, the Old believers, the secret pagan society that existed in Slovenian remote places until late 1960’s. The parallel lies in a strong connection to nature and in deep respect for natural forces.

Katja Šulc and her US host organization Institute of American Indian Arts pay homage to Native American heritage. Fusing traditional and contemporary art, the project intertwines with Native American artists’ culture, focusing on human values and ecology issues. Katja’s project is based on artistic collaborations, poetry, performance, visuals and composition, planned to be released during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (UNESCO, 2022 – 2032).