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Hyde Park Art Center

United States

Hyde Park Art Center is a hub for contemporary art in Chicago, serving as a gathering and production space for artists and the broader community to cultivate ideas, impact social change, and connect with new networks. The Art Center functions as an amplifier for today and tomorrow’s creative voices, providing the space to cultivate and create new work and connections.

Hyde Park Art Center offers a comprehensive set of programs that serve the creative and resource needs of artists and our communities. Through its exhibitions, artist talks, studio art classes, international and local residency program, free public events, satellite class sites, and professional development opportunities, the center provides the space for artists at every age and stage to cultivate their practice, build connections, and impact our world.

Hyde Park Art Center has been hosting ArtsLink International Fellows since 2019. Mariela Acuna, Exhibitions and Residency Manager, directs all hosting activities.


Video: ArtsLink International Fellow 2023 Rufina Bazlova, Belarus, at Hyde Park Art Center