Participant Profile

Platform for Interdisciplinary Practice Open Place (TEMPORARILY WITHDREW FROM THE NETWORK in March 2022)


The Platform for Interdisciplinary Practice Open Place is an artistic initiative, which aims to facilitate discussions, exchange of opinions, ideas and experiences between artists, curators, and various social groups from across Ukraine and other countries. The platform organizes meetings and conducts joint events to foster the development of art, politics and socio-cultural transition. Open Place brings together the experiences of Ukrainian and foreign colleagues working in public spaces, as well as with participatory practices and strategies for engaging diverse social groups. Open Place strives to create a cultural environment, where society is an active participant in cultural events, a co-creator of common values, artistic events and cultural context.

Art Prospect Network Residency at Open Place

Dates: April 15 – September 30, 2022

Art residencies are an important part of Open Place’s activities. Open Place supports interdisciplinary projects aimed at the expansion of art-making concepts and the engagement of new groups of people into the creative process. We are interested in the experience of foreign colleagues working with art in public spaces and how they use participatory practices and engage different social groups. The goal of the residence is to exchange knowledge and practical experience, examine the specifics of various local contexts, and develop new methods in the field of socially engaged art.

Open Place is attentive to the ideas and practices of its residents. Artists and curators interested in the development and transformation of public spaces, questions of history and memory and representations of the past in the city, and initiatives that defend the right to a fair and inclusive city, will find that learning about the Ukrainian context will contribute to their artistic research. For its part, the residency program helps artists to explore the local context and forge links with the local artistic and research milieu. Applicants can also propose a topic for a lecture, presentation, discussion, workshop or the idea of a project that engages communities.