Participant Profile

Zoya Falkova


Seeing art as the manifestation of already existing harmony, installation artist and poet Zoya Falkova creates her projects around ready-mades and self-organizing systems. She entwines visual practices with poetry employing storytelling, science and bio-art. Currently she collaborates with a Goliath bird-eating spider which spins webs of mesmerizing beauty in settings created by the artist. However, being placed in a political context, the spider’s web also provokes myriads of references to geo-political processes.

Zoya also examines the postcolonial experience, women’s rights and freedoms, and cultures of violence in society. She is the author of The Illustrated Guide to the Meanings of Almaty – a literary map featuring poems, essays and stories and mapping the city through the eyes of its inhabitants.

During her residency in the US, Zoya planed to further her research-based art and poetry projects, feminist activities, bio-art and science-art projects.