Participant Profile

Joanna Pottle

United States / Poland

Joanna Pottle is a US visual artist, researcher, and educator based in Krakow, Poland. Her research considers art, public space, post-colonial and post-soviet contexts, collective memory and identity, and (re)negotiation of cultural heritage; her studio practice includes abstract mixed media art.

Joanna has participated in exhibitions, art projects and residencies throughout the US and Europe. She is part of the team for a grant project entitled “Migrating Memoryscapes” through the Citizen Action Diplomacy Fund 2023 (CDAF), a project to facilitate dialogue between migrant and non-migrant communities in Poland (2023) through art and discussion activities. In 2022-23, she was a fellow with the Kosciuszko Foundation and Humanity in Action (HIA).

Joanna is a Freelance Writer for Contemporary LYNX Art Magazine. She was a US Fulbright Student Researcher alumna to Poland (2019-2020/21). She earned an MA in European Studies from Jagiellonian University (2022) to focus on the intersection of cultural heritage, art in public space, the freedom of artistic expression, and democracy. Joanna graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in Studio Art and a BA in Art History with an Art Education track. Currently, she is the Network and Community Engagement Manager for HIA.