Participant Profile

Rufina Bazlova

Belarus / Czech Republic

Rufina Bazlova is a Prague-based Belarusian artist who works in illustration, social artwork, scenography and performance. She gained an international profile for her series The History of Belarusian Vyzhyvanka, which uses traditional folk embroidery medium to depict the peaceful protests in Belarus. Rufina is also known as the author of the fully embroidered comic Zhenokol (Feminnature), which explores the theme of feminism present in folk traditions.

In 2021, together with Sofia Tocar, Rufina founded the Stitchit group and works on burning socio-political issues using the traditional technique of embroidery as a tool of resistance and dialogue. Stitchit involves different communities and individuals in the creation process and blurs the lines of authorship.

Rufina also has a Masters degree in illustration (FDU LS, ZČU. 2015) and a second bachelor’s degree in stage design (KALD, DAMU. 2020).


Video: Rufina’s ArtsLink Fellowship at Hyde Park Art Center, 2023