ArtsLink International Fellowships​: US Projects

2015 Participants

Media Art

Abounaddara’s films actively work to restore a dignified image and voice to the Syrian people and aim to build new platforms for civil society to meet, regardless of national borders. Since the onset of the Syrian revolution, the anonymous collective Abounaddara has engaged in this international debate using filmmaking tactics, releasing one short “bullet film” into the global discourse via social media every single Friday.



Since 2011, Buldakov, an artist with a degree in social anthropology, has been working together with architect Anastasia Potemkina on the Urban Fauna Laboratory. A research platform, the Laboratory studies the relationship and adaptation between parasites and humans in urban environments. He has been a member of other artist collectives including the Radek Community and the Supostat Agency, and has had numerous solo exhibitions in Russia. Buldakov wanted to exchange ideas with artists, students and others who share his field of research especially in zoology or ethology.



Tomšič co-founded the Museum of Transitory Art (MoTA) in 2008 and has been involved in strategic planning, international collaborations and development of an artist residency program. MoTA is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to the research, production and presentation of Transitory, Experimental and Live Art forms. For the past few years Tomšič has also been in charge of MoTA’s educational programming and has developed an online platform, together with various Polish organizations, to archive and share public programs such as artists talks, workshops, discussions and symposia. She hoped to research practices of archiving transitory works and strategies for audience development and engagement.