Participant Profile

Anna Pohribna


Anna Pohribna is a Deputy Director of Programming at Mystetskyi Arsenal National Art and Culture Museum Complex in Kyiv, supervising museum programs, education, digital transformation, and fundraising. Working for Mystetskyi Arsenal since 2017 as a manager of the exhibition projects, she implemented the mentoring program for the project managers and compiled several publications.

Previously, she was a part of CSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art team, where she implemented several projects focused on public history, public space issues, participatory practices, and community development. In 2020-2022, Anna was also a member of several expert councils and worked on the grant application evaluation.

Mystetskyi Arsenal is a public, state-funded cultural institution that incorporates a variety of artistic disciplines with a museum collection of national significance at the core of its activity. Its projects focus on discussing issues that are significant in the public dialogue, providing space for free creativity concerning the future and comprehension of the past. They include art history, contemporary art, literature, the history of the place, and more.


Photo credit: Khrystyna Kulakovska