Participant Profile

Tara Pandeya

United States
San Anselmo

Tara Pandeya is a dancer, choreographer, and cultural activist. Her unique career path in Central Asia, India and the Middle East is a testament to her passionate approach to the form and her quest for continual growth. She is a bridge-building artist who has dedicated the past twenty years to the promotion of dance from the Central Asian Silk Road region. In 2015, she became the first Westerner to perform in the National Ensemble of Tajikistan. She has performed in 40 countries and choreographed for UNESCO with the Tajik Philharmonic and Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project. 

Tara used her experience and knowledge of Central Asian dance to connect with the Tajik community in St. Petersburg. The piece was performed by local dancers and amateurs alike, in an effort to create a deeper dialogue about “otherness” and cultural pluralism. She also choreographed a new piece based on movements rooted in traditional Central Asian dance to echo stories and recreate gestures, daily duties or chores typically carried out by Tajik immigrants in St. Petersburg.