Participant Profile

The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts


Founded in 1976 as the first professional independent performing arts organization in the Soviet Union, The Ilkhom Theatre remains a destination of intellectuals’ pilgrimage, a place with strong creative cultural environment. The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts presents up to 200 performances for more than 25,000 spectators a year, runs a number of international festivals and music programs, its exhibition space operates up to 8-10 art, photo, visual arts expositions and installations annually. Educational programs of the company outreach wide spectrum of young professionals in visual and performing arts. In 1994 The Ilkhom Theater established the first non-state School of Drama that still remains a leading arts education school in Central Asia. The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts is a multi-disciplinary hub that hosts the Omnibus Ensemble of contemporary music, the Central Asian Laboratory for Young Directors, IlkhomRockFest and Ilkhom Jazz Club, conducts numerous international masterclasses in arts and concerts by musicians from around the world.