Participant Profile

The Ilkhom Center for Contemporary Arts


Founded in 1976, the Ilkhom Theater remains today the only independent theater in Uzbekistan. The activities of Ilkhom extend beyond theater and focus on the broadening of the cultural border in the region and the exchange of information, including internationally, between artists and other cultural players. The theater houses the School of Dramatic Arts, the theater gallery “Ilkhom,” the contemporary music ensemble Omnibus, and the Central Asian Laboratory for Young Directors, and also conducts international masterclasses and concerts by musicians from around the world and rock and jazz festivals.

Art Prospect Network Residency at Ilkhom

The Residency is open to artists, curators, and performance professionals (directors, choreographers, musicians), who will be introduced to the local arts environment and provided with information about contemporary arts organizations and professionals working in this sphere. Site visits and meetings will be organized based on the resident’s interests.  The residency may include: collaboration with the team of the Ilkhom Theatre, workshops, lectures, and presentations to a wide audience. Residents can also conduct interactive and exhibition projects in the Ilkhom Theater’s exhibition space and other spaces in Tashkent.

The new season of Ilkhom’s Contemporary Art Center begins in September 2022. Ilkhom’s exhibition hall will begin functioning parallel to theater performances, concerts and educational programs. The goal of the residency is to create collaborative arts projects about the city’s contemporary cultural codes, possibly outside the territory of the Ilkhom Theater. Priority will be given to artists working in the field of public art, who have experience conducting projects in public spaces or experience working on multi-disciplinarian projects (theater, film, video installation in public spaces).  Experience and/or interest in conducting practical masterclasses for artists in the field of public art and performance is preferred.