Participant Profile

Salaam Cinema


Salaam Cinema is a community based cinema and art space for audio-visual and performing arts. The space is run by a horizontal team of creatives offering quality programming of films, performances, exhibitions & educational programs.

Salaam Cinema Mission

  • We believe that culture should be accessible to everyone, no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation or class. 
  • Together we create opportunities and support the development of personal skills by offering space, time and resources.
  • We strive for equality, safety, inclusivity and diversity in the cultural scene.
  • We draw inspiration from the city and activate the local urban vision.
  • We support the local art scene and encourage community collaboration.
  • We build and exchange collective knowledge through non-formal education and experiential processes.
  • We advocate local film-making and film history. The cinema’s audience gets the chance to discover new Azerbaijani films and rediscover movies which have written the Azerbaijani film history.
  • We exist and move forward through collectivity.

Art Prospect Network Residency at Salaam Cinema

Salaam Artist Residency functions as an ‘artist laboratory’ that fosters exploration and experimentation in the artist’s practice within contemporary Azerbaijan, providing the opportunity for artists to critically develop their practice as well as share experience and knowledge with local communities. Artists are encouraged to use the space which is open to the public, and to collaborate with other artists.  Salaam offers artist studios and opportunities to develop on-going programs and events. Our main interest lies in horizontal education and process based work as well as decolonial theory.