Participant Profile

Sasha Kurmaz


Through his work, photographer and activist Sasha Kurmaz analyzes modern society and the ways it can be influenced by an artist’s practice. Driven by socio-political issues, Sasha immerses himself in a local environment, exploring local social conditions, their historical backgrounds, and their political context. This deep research informs his work and resonates with the place where it is created and presented.

Sasha is editor and designer of 5.6, an independent Ukrainian photography magazine, and has shown his work in numerous exhibitions, the most recent of which is Revolutionize, an international research and exhibition project demonstrating that the aspiration for freedom, decent living standards, and respect for fellow citizens are the universal values shared by all people around the world.

During his residency in the US, Sasha wanted to meet with members of artistic communities, activists, researchers and urbanists. He is particularly interested in grassroots initiatives and innovative networks of activists and organizations that explore practical solutions for sustainable development.