Participant Profile

Suburb Platform


The Suburb Platform provides opportunities for local and international artists and curators to create exhibitions and discuss art projects. The Suburb Platform doesn’t have a permanent location. Its main activities (artists’ talks, workshops, discussions, presentations and screenings) take place at various venues in Yerevan. Independent curator Eva Khachatryan directs the residency program. As a researcher and curator, her work focuses on self-organization and autonomy in the field of contemporary art. Eva initiates and directs educational programs for emerging artists and organizes local and international exhibitions, presentations, and seminars and visual art and electronic music exchange programs.

Art Prospect Network Residency at the Suburb Platform

The residency program is open to artists and curators, who will be integrated into the local artistic community and provided with information about local contemporary arts organizations, socially engaged art initiatives and individuals. Site visits and meetings will be organized based on the interests of the resident artist/curator. Each resident will be invited to make either a presentation, lecture, informal talk or workshop during their visit. Preference will be given to artists/curators working in any media who are interested in socio-political contexts and are open to collaboration with the local community. Interactive projects and research based exhibits are particularly welcome.