Participant Profile

Brigada P.D.T.

United States
San Juan
Puerto Rico

Puerta de Tierra (PDT) is a neighborhood founded in the 17th century, located in the periphery of the historic urban centre of Old San Juan, in Puerto Rico’s capital. PDT has a strategic and historical value in Puerto Rico. Its most important resource is its own people who, for centuries, have struggled and survived adversity and injustice.

BRIGADA PUERTA DE TIERRA (BPDT) is a grassroots artist collective formed in 2015 mostly by children and young community members, centring its activities on the preservation and well-being of the neighbourhood, its history and its people. BPDT organises horizontally and operates through four key concepts: self-management, consciousness-raising, strategic planning and collective decision-making. BPDT uses art as a tool to challenge top-down standard urban development practices.