Participant Profile

Yosra El Gazzar


Visual artist and designer Yosra El Gazzar merges expressive qualities of art with the communicative power of design, to visually investigate, question, and narrate our socio- and geo-political realities. Yosra has been the lead designer with Visualizing Palestine since 2016, an organization that uses data-led visual stories to present factual narratives of the Palestinian-Israeli issue, along with other social justice topics.

Yosra is a fellow of DOX BOX, the Moutheqat Women in Documentary fellowship in Tunisia. She started her career with the project The Flat Earth, which was featured at the Global Grad Show in Dubai in 2016. Since then, she participated in a number of exhibitions in Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut and Toronto. Her video series So Close Yet So Far was widely acclaimed when released in 2020. During her residency in the US Yosra is interested in being immersed in Arab communities who have been settled for many years, and also to explore how the surveillance space and social and economic injustice impact those communities.