Participant Profile

Filip Radenovic


Photographer, make-up artist, and activist Filip Rađenović finds the central component of his work in the queer community, subcultures, and notions of freedom of expression. The critical foundation for his photographic work lies in his passion for activism and community interactions. Inspired by an intense commitment to empower marginalized communities, Filip finds his heroines and heroes in people who are willing to stand up for the nature of their truth, identity, and choices, often directly challenging mainstream culture.

Drawing on ancient myths and stories, Filip carefully develops his subjects in collaboration with a specific individual long before assuming his stance in front of the camera. Alongside his artwork, Filip teaches photography, design, and art theory to young students.

Filip planned to use his time in the U.S. to learn more about gender identity, queer history and the LGBTQ communities, and to work on projects relating to human rights and the issues faced by marginalized communities.