Participant Profile

Eurasian Cultural Alliance


The Eurasian Cultural Alliance is a public association that focuses on the arts and culture sector in the social and economic development of Kazakhstan. The Alliance’s main objective is to modernize the country’s arts and culture sector and create a strong cultural conglomerate capable of implementing socially important projects in Kazakhstan and abroad.  Among its activities are:  participation in the development and popularization of the contemporary art of Kazakhstan; enrichment of the cultural life of Kazakhstan and the Asian region, promotion the values of national and world culture; transformation of the urban environment; Public Cultural Zones (creation of cultural areas in shopping centers and recreation and entertainment parks); set-up art facilities  in frequently visited public places and in front of office buildings, etc.; organization of cultural events, such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions and fairs, scientific and creative discussions, creative laboratories, seminars, conferences, symposia, round tables, briefings, master classes, workshops, art residences.