Participant Profile

Elizaveta Matveeva

St. Petersburg

Born in 1991 in Archangelsk, Russia, Elizaveta has lived in St. Petersburg since she was eight. She graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in journalism with a focus on contemporary art criticism. She continued her education with Sergey Bugaev-Afrika, Victor Miziano and Olesya Turkina and received a Masters’ Degree from St. Petersburg State University. Elizaveta is currently working as a curatorial assistant at LUDA, a non-profit gallery.

She has worked on exhibitions organized by CYLAND media-art lab, “Form + Color” created by Russian post-avant-gardist Gennady Zubkov. She also writes articles for print and on-line periodicals such as AroundArt.Ru, Dialog Iskusstv,, The Art Newspaper Russia as well as for exhibition catalogues.