Participant Profile

Dushanbe ArtGround / Sanati Muosir


Dushanbe ArtGround / Sanati Muosir is a non-profit organization registered in 2012 in Dushanbe. DAG’s mission is to advocate for the development of contemporary art practices in Tajikistan, to redefine the role of the artist in contemporary society and shift the function of the artist from mere producer to engaged researcher and critic. DAG strategy is to achieve long-term sustainable development for new media arts and new platforms where creative and civic communities could collaboratively invent alternative avenues for social development and change.

Update, January 2023: ArtGround will not be hosting Art Prospect Network residencies in 2023

Art Prospect Network Residency at Dushanbe ArtGround

The residency in Dushanbe is open to artists, curators and cultural producers and may include individual research, a series of lectures/presentations, workshops, and/or a small scale exhibition. The DAG team seeks inspiring applications, dealing with research and investigation of local aspects of art production, urban transformations, and community driven projects, which can dynamically engage with the contemporary art community in Tajikistan.  Residents are expected to present a lecture/screening/presentation at the end of residence period to share the results of their research with the Tajik art community.  However, residents can also choose other suitable formats (series of lectures, presentation, workshop, small scale exhibition, DYI publication, etc.) to present their work.