Participant Profile

Aysel Amirova

Public Art

Aysel Amirova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan into a family of third-generation artists. She began by creating paintings and poetry and in 2007 she began to work in photography. In 2009 Aysel joined the Azerbaijan Photographers Union and in 2013 she graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts as an artist/designer. In 2012 she entered the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London, where she studied batik technique and ceramics. She participates in exhibitions in her home country and abroad.

During her residency, Aysel planned to work “in the human environment” of Dushanbe (Tajikistan), to identify finer points of national and ethnic character and also to include the theme of architectural monuments, showing the transformation from ancient times to modern. By photographing daily life and its routine aspects step by step, the artist produced her own sort of photo-journal of reality.