Participant Profile

Dante Buu


Visual artist, storyteller and performer, Dante Buu’s inspiration comes from a deeply intimate space and is bound to feelings, dreams and experiences of encounters with other people and their stories, coping mechanisms and resistance. Creating in the field of visual, discursive and socially engaged art, Dante’s artistic practice is a vehicle for resistance against marginalization and invisibility of individuals and minority groups, as well as for the preservation of a specific craft. Rooted in Sandžak, the region now divided by the borders between Serbia and Montenegro, this craft is presented as a medium in Dante’s works.

In his performance work ‘All My Best Deaths’, Dante conducted interviews with people from different backgrounds collecting stories that deal with a version of ‘social death’. Forming the core of the project, these narratives are written in the form of short stories and are told during the performance while the artist is weaving found threads and stories into an embroidery. His residency in the US enabled Dante to initiate artistic and intellectual exchanges based on an interdisciplinary approach towards the topics of isolation, rejection, untold stories, and personal and intimate experiences of the LGBTQ community.