Participant Profile

Bukhara Photo Gallery


Bukhara Photo Gallery aims to develop and promote art photography in the region. Many of its projects address social and political issues through photography and facilitate interaction with the local creative community, including photographers, artists, and others.  Its main activities are photo exhibits, photography workshops, and participation in local and international photography events.

Art Prospect Network Residency at the Bukhara Photo Gallery

The Bukhara Photo Gallery supports the development of contemporary art in Bukhara by attracting the attention and interest of young people as well as the general public to contemporary art and providing support and information to young artists about how to realize creative projects and successfully promote their work in the art market. Our gallery actively collaborates with the city’s galleries and exhibition halls.

We welcome applications from artists, photographers, curators, and art specialists who can stimulate beginning artists to create and realize their own projects, focusing on contemporary problems of cultural heritage and the development of a sense of responsibility for their preservation.

One of the primary goals of the residency is to stimulate the formation of an art community and to conduct educational initiatives in the sphere of contemporary art.