Participant Profile

Alexandru Raevschi

Public Art

Alexandru Raevschi is an independent artist and curator. In his artistic activities, he explores questions of social life and interaction with the political system, using artistic actions, painting, sound and photo/video installation. This results in situational and contextual projects that create forms of intervention in the public realm, as well as exhibition spaces, acts of translation and archiving. His recent research projects focus on the politics of invisibility, the search for a national identity by individual social groups and their reaction to changes of psychology under the influence of the contemporary paradigm.

During the residency, Alexandru focused on studying the “other Bukhara”, specifically how the Soviet architectural legacy influenced the deconstruction of the city’s traditional type of public space. It was necessary to delineate the boundaries of the historical capital through photographic research. It should be noted that the direction of the project correlated with the formation of social communication within the local community. The artistic research was used to create a multimedia exhibition project.