The Art Prospect Network partners from 12 countries meet to discuss activities that encourage civic engagement, ongoing exchange and collaboration between local citizens, artists, and local governmental and non-governmental agencies.

February 26 - March 2, 2022

Application deadline for Art Prospect Network Residencies. The program supports one-month residences at the Art Prospect partner organizations in 12 countries for artists and curators working in the fields of socially engaged and public art. Artists and curators from the US and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan are eligible to apply. 

February 10, 2022

Application deadline for Back Apartment Residencies in St. Petersburg, Russia. The program invites US artists and curators interested in learning about contemporary art in Russia and building relationships with the local arts community. Priority is given to artists and curators working in the fields of socially engaged art and public art, but artists working in other fields are also welcome to apply.

February 10, 2022

Application deadline for the ArtsLink International Fellowships 2022. Artists, arts leaders and curators from all arts disciplines from eligible countries are invited to apply. Priority is given to artists and arts leaders whose socially engaged work is making a vital contribution to furthering people’s awareness, understanding, and active participation in environmental and/or social justice issues.

December 30

Building on last year’s theme of resilience and community engagement, the fourth annual ArtsLink Assembly 2021: Future Fellows focuses on the artists and arts leaders, the Future Fellows, who are creating new networks and structures locally and transnationally to support independent artists in a post-pandemic world.  

November 1 - 19
UNDERWATER FLOWS Mishiko Sulakauri, Georgia, 2021

ArtsLink International Fellowships: Projects in the US: Artists, curators and activists from nine countries are in the second year of their Fellowships at leading cultural institutions throughout the US.

September - November 2021

ArtsLink International Fellowships: US Residencies for artists and curators: 10 transnational artists and curators are hosted by US arts organizations to conduct initial online dialogue and research as well as explore collaborative projects with local artists and communities across the US.

August - November 2021

Art Prospect Network Residencies: US artists and curators in residencies: 
Annie Albagli at ArtEast, Kyrgyzstan;
Carolanne Patterson at the Silk Museum, Georgia;
Kalmia Strong at Oberliht, Moldova.

September - October 2021
More Residencies throughout 2021

Back Apartment Residencies for US artists and curators in St. Petersburg, Russia: 14 US artists and curators  to collaborate with the St. Petersburg arts community. 

Residencies throughout 2021