The 8th Art Prospect Festival: Forms of Unity includes more than 20 interventions, installations, performances, and Augmented Reality installations at the House of Culture Creative Cluster in St. Petersburg and public art works by international artists at contemporary art centers around the world. 

September 23 - 26

Opening at the House of Culture Creative Cluster, St. Petersburg, Russia

September 23 - October 23

Public spaces and arts organizations around the world

ArtsLink International Fellowships: US Residencies for artists and curators: 10 transnational artists and curators are hosted by US arts organizations to conduct initial online dialogue and research as well as explore collaborative projects with local artists and communities across the US.

August - November 2021

ArtsLink International Fellowships: Projects in the US: Artist and activist Mikheil Sulakauri, Tbilisi, Georgia, is hosted by Unlisted Projects in Austin, TX, in the second year of his Fellowship. 

September - November 2021

Art Prospect Network Residencies: US artists and curators in residencies: 
Annie Albagli at ArtEast, Kyrgyzstan;
Carolanne Patterson at the Silk Museum, Georgia;
Kalmia Strong at Oberliht, Moldova.

September - October 2021
More Residencies throughout 2021

The fourth annual ArtsLink Assembly 2021: Future Fellows engages 10 independent artists and arts leaders who are currently working to build networks locally and transnationally to conduct research on the ground. They will create a new network, dialogue with each other and independent cultural hubs, sharing models and inspirational examples of new ways of working in a variety of public contexts.

November 1 - 19

Back Apartment Residencies for US artists and curators in St. Petersburg, Russia: 14 US artists and curators  to collaborate with the St. Petersburg arts community. 

Residencies throughout 2021