treasure hunt

October 15 – 18, 2020
Online and on-site locations in 25 cities in 13 countries

The 7th Art Prospect Festival: Treasure Hunt, a hybrid online/offline public art festival, featured interventions and Augmented Reality works by more than 50 artists from 13 countries.

The 2020 Festival responded to how the COVID-19 pandemic had changed our world, transformed how we view and utilize public spaces, forced isolation, and made in-person communication and collaboration a challenge. 

The Festival documented the treasures revealed in the time of rapid change. What was important to us, which details of everyday life will we remember, what objects or facts will “treasure hunters” find? The treasures are not always tangible; they can come in the form of a secret, a special feat, an emotion, or something intimate that needs to be preserved.

Installations, performances, and Augmented Reality art works on balconies, windows, sidewalks, and courtyards were available for viewing in-person in 25 cities on October 15-18 and online at The work could also be experienced on an interactive map on a mobile app. Online panel discussions with Art Prospect artists and curators on October 15 and 16 at the ArtsLink Assembly focused on the pandemic’s impact on the practice of the artists working in public spaces and addressed social issues with a particular focus on the artists in the post-Soviet countries.


Inside Out: Art Prospect 2020. How social distancing, Covid, and digital technology are changing our concept of public space.

A conversation with Kendal Henry, Director of Percent for Art, New York, and Art Prospect artists Anne Albagli, USA; Olesya Ilyenok, Russia; Nadya Sayapina, Belarus; Nastya Babitskaya, Russia; and Lera Lerner, Russia. Livestream recording with English audio translation.


The 2020 Art Prospect Festival is supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Office for Contemporary Art Norway, FRAME, and the Kettering Family Foundation.
2020 FESTIVAL: interventions in 12 countries

Nastia Babitskaya (St. Petersburg, Russia), Vacation

Anna and Vitaly Chereponov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Autumn in a Collective Garden

Tanya Chernomordova (St. Petersburg, Russia), Murav’inaya Skhvatka (Ant Fight)

Liubov Chernysheva (St. Petersburg, Russia), WindOurs

Karina Dracheva (St. Petersburg, Russia), I Danced Here

Fedor Dubrovin (Khyymalakasy, Chuvash Republic, Russia), Our House (Consumers)

Ulyana Erokhina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Let’s Warm This Time Up

Tonya Fa (St. Petersburg, Russia), Flight Cancelled

Fedor Hiroshiga (St. Petersburg, Russia), I Can Feel the Distance

Nadia Ishkinyaeva and Marina Shamova (St. Petersburg, Russia), Paths of Care

Evgeny Korelin (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Yulia Vedernikova (Perm, Russia),
Your Inner Space

Nastya Makarenko and Anna Tereshkina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Alarm System
(a play in lights)

Alexandra Melnikova (Tyumen, Russia), Safe Distance

MorMir20 (PlagueWorld20) (St. Petersburg, Russia), Group Exhibition at Kunsthalle nummer sieben

Konstantin Novikov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Wind Catcher

Punctuation (Yekaterina Polyakova, Natalya Tikhonova, Ivan Shatravin-Dostov),
(St. Petersburg, Russia), Green Corridor

Vladimir Seleznyov (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Window Suprematism

Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (St. Petersburg, Russia), Firefighter Fountain

Daria Taran (St. Petersburg, Russia), Legends and Myths

Techno Poetry (Anton Komandirov, Anastasia Vepreva, Roman Osminkin, and Maria Shamova) (St. Petersburg, Russia), No Gatherings of More than Two

Galya Yaptik (St. Petersburg, Russia), “Our” Home Photo Studio on the Balcony

Sasha Zubritskaya (St. Petersburg, Russia), Penultima