Participant Profile

Will Owen

United States
Long Island City
New York

Will Owen an artist, composer, and curator currently based in Queens, NY and Philadelphia, PA. He deals mainly with interactivity through many mediums but returns most often to sound, installation design, and food.  Will has performed and exhibited internationally in Denmark, France, Iceland, China, Wales, and is excited to return to Russia for a second project with CEC Artslink, and his work was shown nationally at such institutions as The Museum of the Moving Image (NYC), Philadelphia Water Works Museum, Black Mountain College Museum, and Flux Factory (NYC).

Will worked on two projects during his residency, the first of which was designed to investigate the possibility of coerced synesthesia through a series of dinner parties using Pavlovian techniques, for which he collaborated with local artists to create a dinner party series which included projection, sound installation, and interactive objects during the meal. His second project was to continue his research on sports injuries as a vessel for larger social and emotional concepts, and he collaborated with the wrestling communities in Saint Petersburg to make casts of their injured “cauliflower ears.” These casts were used in a larger sculptural and sound installation.