Participant Profile

Viacheslav Ivaschenko


Viacheslav Ivaschenko is chief curator at Living City, the Krasnoyarsk Regional Public Organization for the Development of the Urban Environment. This citizens’ association promotes principles of sustainable development and brings together art curators, designers, architects and sociologists. Inspired by the idea of cultivating a safe and eco-friendly urban environment, Living City runs creative projects in close cooperation with the local communities.

In 2016, Viacheslav produced the first International Recycle Art Festival in Krasnoyarsk featuring the work of international and local artists, eco-activists and city residents. In 2017, he co-organized Recycling Landscape – a public art project in collaboration with the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

During his residency in the US, Viacheslav was eager to observe organizations employing ecological practices in their work, and to meet eco-activists and artists working with recyclable materials.