Participant Profile

Tetyana Filevska


Tetyana Filevska is the Creative Director of Ukrainian Institute Kyiv. An art manager, curator, writer and researcher of Ukrainian art of the 20th century, she has been working in the sphere of culture for over 20 years. Tetyana’s portfolio includes festivals, conferences, exhibitions, educational courses, books and films. She worked in various art institutions, particularly the EIDOS Arts Development Foundation, Contemporary Art Center, IZOLYATSIA. Platform for cultural initiatives, Mystetskyi Arsenal. She is a co-founder of the NGO Malevich Institute.

Teyana is the author of books “Kazimir Malevich. Kyiv period 1928-1930”, “Kazimir Malevich. Kyiv aspect”, and “Dmytro Gorbachev. Cases”. She is the creative producer of the films “Malevich. Born in Ukraine” and “Malevich”. She teaches at the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

Tetyana is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University; alumna of the FSA/FLEX program, the Aspen Institute Kyiv “Responsible Leadership” seminar, and the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Network Ukraine mentoring program. Member of SHERA, ICOM, CAA.