Participant Profile

Tavia La Follette

United States

La Follette is a director, curator and professor. As founder/director of ArtUp, she runs Sites of Passage (SOP), a space for the migration of ideas across political/cultural borders. Previous SOP projects include Egypt & US (Egyptian Revolution to the Occupy Movement); Israel, Palestine & US (Borders, Walls & Citizenship); and South Africa & US (Civil Rights & Civil Wrongs). Following these, she worked on SOP Russia. Like the earlier exchanges, this dialogue included a variety of voices/practices. It was produced at the Mattress Factory, a site-specific installation art museum, where La Follette was a guest curator.

Tavia researched a SOP project by interacting with artists to get a cultural aesthetic temperature. Russia and the U.S. have a rich and tumultuous history of chewing on the commodity of ideas in contrasting continental climates. She continued her study of symbols and philosophies presented through Art as a Social Practice.