Participant Profile

Structura Gallery


Structura Gallery is a contemporary art space with a focus on expanding and redefining contemporary art practices, supporting the establishment of an adequate and open to the world local art scene and creating a sustainable international network, while at the same time engaging with a critical social agenda.

Art Prospect Network Residency at Structura Gallery

The residency program is open to both artists and curators, who will be integrated into the local artistic community and provided with information about local contemporary arts organizations, socially engaged art initiatives and individuals. Site visits and meetings will be organized based on the interests of the resident artist/curator. Each resident will be invited to make either a presentation, lecture, informal talk or workshop during their visit. If desired, artists will have the opportunity to create work for the gallery windows as part of the long-term Open Windows project, whose aim is to enable communication between the self-contained art world and everyday city life. The art on display is intended to comment on socially relevant issues and view them from a new, outside perspective. Curators will be able to publish their text about the Bulgarian art scene on the website of the project.

Preference will be given to artists/curators working in any media who are interested in socio-political contexts and are open to collaboration with the local community.