Participant Profile

Seth Ellis

Petrie Terrace

Seth Ellis is a narrative and visual artist. His recent work examines how written stories alter with their media of transmission, and how technology helps contemporary readers become co-authors. Ellis produced prints, artist’s books, screen-based interactive projects and collaborative performance. He has shown and performed work in Madrid, Spain, the International Digital Media and Arts conference in San Diego, CA, the New Music Festival in Greensboro, NC, and, most recently, at the Pratt-MWP Gallery in Utica, NY. He has also been a resident artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, and a Research Fellow at the Center for Critical Inquiry, UNC-Greensboro.

Ellis continued his project, Monuments of Kronstadt that began in 2015 as a three-channel video installation investigating the history of the town from the point of view of an outsider. He planned to collaborate with local artists and curators, test new interactive work, and continue assembling the materials for a book of research, photography, collage and essays. Ellis also developed an interactive audio project, ЗЗЗЗЗЗЗЗ, that explored the history of Russian radio as a parallel narrative to the history of that medium in the U.S.