Participant Profile

Rusanda Curca

Hîrtop village

Rusanda Curca is the Artistic Director at the Center for Cultural Projects Azart – an organization based in rural Moldova, developing and promoting contemporary drama through workshops, reading-performances and laboratories. Rusanda’s recent work focused around a new initiative – The School of Contemporary Drama. This year-long cycle of site-specific workshops was facilitated by local and international playwrights working with a broad range of issues – social, political, and educational. The project was developing both in Moldova’s capital Chisinau and rural areas where Rusanda and her colleagues work extensively with young audiences and arts professionals.

Rusanda was also developing a 3-year long residency program for playwrights and was keen to research exemplary models of US-based arts organizations running similar residency programs. She planned to dedicate her time in the US to exploring organizations with strong community engagement, audience development, promotion, programming and operations.