Participant Profile

Nien-Ting Chen


Nien-Ting Chen is an independent curator and visual artist. She works across cities in Asia and Europe, with her research, artistic practice focusing on developing strategies to bring young artists onto the world stage through the exchange and combination of resources. Nien-Ting is focusing on several interconnected art and curatorial projects in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Ukraine, promoting the Taiwanese arts and cultural scene within the global landscape of contemporary art.

Nien-Ting holds a Master of Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art (GSA,GU), UK and currently pursuing her PhD in Art at the Liverpool School of Art and Design (LSA, LJMU). Her doctoral research delves into the objective analysis and evaluation of how the Chinese ethnic (overseas Chinese) has impacted the advancement of global contemporary art, particularly in the broader Asia, since the 1990s. By reviewing the retrospective frameworks of Asian contemporary art’s development, she aims to outline the evolution of the contemporary art movement in the last three decades, while drawing links between the cultural, historical, political and geographical development of various regions in Asia.