Participant Profile

Nicole Garneau

United States
Performance Art

Nicole Garneau is an interdisciplinary artist making site-specific performance and project art that is directly political, critically conscious, and community building. Her book Performing Revolutionary: Art, Action, Activism was published in 2018 by Intellect Books and was released at the Museum of Contemporary art in Chicago. Originally from Chicago, she has been semi-nomadic since 2012 but spends significant time living and working in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.

Nicole collaborated with Russian artists to highlight wild places in or around St. Petersburg. They created performances, ceremonies, earth works, and installations that respond to the space. This documentation was used to make a pamphlet that was designed to be an artistic guidebook to wild places in the region. At a time when our lives are tamed, regimented and orderly, this project sought artistic experiences of mystery, disorder, and the unknown, especially in relation to the natural world.