Participant Profile

Nestor Kaszycki


Nestor Kaszycki is an interpreter, translator, language expert & coach with 17 years of experience. He has a native level of mastery in three languages, is fluent in five, and speaks twelve in total. Recently, Nestor worked as a private interpreter for Olena Zelenska, First Lady of Ukraine, during her visit in Warsaw. He also translated for Adam Bodnar, the Polish Ombudsman, and co-operated with the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw.

Throughout his career, Nestor has translated specialist texts from a broad range of areas including market research, finance, law, IT, literature and art. He has over 300 hours of experience in intrepreting and has translated over 30,000 pages with his expertise. In 2014, he created Agensee, a Warsaw-based translation company, now with over 300 projects completed for businesses, government organizations and NGOs.

As a simultaneous interpreter, Nestor assists Agensee’s key clients to facilitate communication with their foreign counterparts in face-to-face settings.