Participant Profile

Mykhailo Glubokyi


Mykhailo Glubokyi is the development director of “IZOLYATSIA“, a platform for cultural initiatives that was established in 2010, and which was originally located in a former insulation materials factory in Donetsk, Ukraine. The organization aims to effect systemic change in Ukrainian society and implements projects on the local and European levels.

During the last decade, IZOLYATSIA became a symbol of the resilience of the Ukrainian cultural sector and continues to champion democratic values based on the belief that cultural institutions are pillars of a free democratic society. Mykhailo has been a part of the foundation since 2011, implementing site-specific, participatory community-oriented cultural projects and turning various industrial places into vibrant cultural spaces. Since 2021, he has also been a board member of one of the oldest European networks of cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles, and a member of the consortium implementing the Creative Europe mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals, “i-Portunus”. Ever since 2019, Mykhailo has focused on collaboration with local communities, capacity building for rural areas, support for cultural decentralization and international collaborations, programs, and exchanges, especially in East of Ukraine and Eastern and Central European regions. Also, beginning in 2014, he had been involved in developing the IZONE creative hub as well as residencies and educational programs for creative entrepreneurs, artists, and cultural professionals.