Participant Profile

Mia Habis


Mia Habis began to dance at the early age of three. She has studied classical ballet for twenty-eight years, in addition to martial arts, acting and singing. She had divided her time between Lebanon and France. Habis studied French literature, marketing and advertising. She was a dancer and teacher for Maqamat in 2008 when she started leading artistic conceptualisations for the company’s projects, increasing public awareness and engaging in multiple long-term collaborations with local and international institutions. Since 2015, she is the Artistic Director of BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of dance and Moultaqa Leymoun, a platform created by Omar Rajeh to provide the space and opportunity for young and established Arab artists to showcase and develop their work. Habis is currently based in France, and she continues to tour internationally as a dancer with Omar Rajeh | Maqamat. Most recently, she became the co-founder of the digital cultural platform