Participant Profile

Mantu Das


Mantu Das is a painter currently working in the Space Studio Baroda, India. Das is inspired by the rich tradition of the folk-lore, proverbs and fables from his native Assam in the Northeastern India. A raconteur in visuals, his practice focuses on pictorial satires juxtaposing regional history and fables with contemporary popular culture and current events. Das unfolds multiple narratives within a single frame, often an imaginary realm where he artist interrogates and addresses the present socio-politico-cultural events. Das’s work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in India, UK, South Korea, and France.

Mantu Das explored St. Petersburg’s history of evolution, power transfer, religious supremacy and transformation. As an outsider-observer, he sought a deeper sociological, political or religious context. Referencing the current popular and mundane, the artist created new narratives to re-establish facts through personal fantasies, myth and stories.