Participant Profile

Maija Rudovska


Independent curator, arts manager and researcher, Maija Rudovska runs Blind Carbon Copy – the network platform in the Baltic-Nordic region, which focuses on network building models, alternative education and work strategies for curators, artists and other arts practitioners. Having extensive experience working in different structures – large arts institutions, non-profit organizations, galleries and a residency space, Maija has a growing interest in exploring cross-disciplinary approaches in contemporary art informed by social practices.

Maija believes deeply in building bridges between institutions, individuals and communities, so she always pays careful attention to creating a platform where different voices can meet. One of her most recent projects Language: from Practice to Action is focused on language in its broadest sense: as a vehicle for communication that either bridges communities and individual interactions or brings the conversation to a deadlock – a tool both to exercise power as well as an instrument for the emancipation of communities.

During her residency in the US, Maija wanted to engage with non-profit arts institutions and residency programs that work in the field of curatorial and cross-disciplinary education, particularly with a focus around issues of wages, exploitation, inequality, ethics and sustainability.