Participant Profile

Luisa Caldwell

United States
New York

Luisa Caldwell is a multi-disciplinary artist whose projects range from mixed-media art pieces on paper to architecturally based installations. The work reflects her interests in patterns as cultural tropes and the upcycling of materials.

Luisa’s latest solo exhibitions appeared at Smack Mellon and Humanities Gallery at Long Island University in Brooklyn. Her recent residencies include Polenovo AIR in Tula, Russia, Guild House at Guild Hall in East Hampton NY, and Back Apartment Residency in St. Petersburg in 2019. During a follow up Back Apartment Residency, Luisa collaborated with the St. Petersburg-based artist Zhenya Machneva. Their shared interests in traditional arts drew attention to the disappearance of antique stained glass from residential buildings and their replacement with cheap plastic frames and glass. They collaborated on an immersive installation to inform and encourage the public to resist the destruction of the cities’ beauty and history.