Participant Profile

Lily Gold

United States
New York

Lily Gold is an artist working in dance, sound, sculpture, and painting. Her work aims to elevate the culturally marginalized intelligence of our emotional and intuitive selves, the parts of us withered from residual poisons of patriarchal and capitalist values. Using movement, song, and weaving, she strives to identify and heal personal and societal taboos, approached through her earth-based Judaism lineage. Lily’s work has been presented in various venues throughout New York City, and has been supported through residencies across the United States and in Moscow.

Lily returned to western Russia where she has ancestral roots, to connect with the spirits of the land and share practice with local artists. At a time when the dangers of hollow hierarchy are painfully evident, especially inside the current US-Russia political relationship, the impulse to form compassionate alliances is urgent. During her residency, she planned to develop her practice of performance weavings through workshops with the local community.