Participant Profile

Lilia Voronkova

St. Petersburg

Lilia Voronkova works at the intersection of social science, art and urbanism. She is interested in urban research and development, urban/public/street art, urban activism, non-academic education, socially engaged art and intercultural exchange. Lilia initiates and curates collaborative projects between social scientists and artists, curator of non-academic educational programs and study tours. She is a consultant on urban development projects for government and business. She has served on the curatorial team of the international public art festival Art Prospect since 2014. As a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, she conducted a research project on interdisciplinary projects and public sociology at the Humboldt University in Berlin in 2009-2010.

Centre for Independent Social Research (CISR, St.Petersburg) is an Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization that develops academic social research. The Centre’s research reflects a broad spectrum of sociological interests. CISR provides networking and professional trainings for young scientists and supports public sociology. In 2015, the Russian Federal Ministry of Justice included the organization in the registry of nonprofit organizations performing functions of a foreign agent.