Participant Profile

Kevin Doyle

United States
New York

Kevin Doyle is a writer and director working between the European Union and his native New York. His work investigates the gap between what we perceive as reality – consumed on devices via compressed and consolidated formats – and what actually transpires out in the real world. Recent works include: PMURT (exploring the 2016 U.S. Election); TRIANGLE/TAZREEN (a collaboration with Bangladeshi garment factory workers); “8:46” (a deconstruction of participants in the George Floyd murder); and SVANEKE (based on interviews with Danish citizens during COVID-19). Doyle is a contributor at Diggit Magazine in The Netherlands, writing on intersections of arts funding and politics.

As part of his interdisciplinary theatre project THE ARTS (2018), exploring the history of public funding of the arts, Doyle conducted research on arts funding in Russia. Doyle also investigated “St. Petersburg The City” as an anonymous artist through his photography, short films, and original writing to reveal hidden undercurrents in the life of the city and its people.