Participant Profile

Kevin Doyle

United States
New York
Multidisciplinary / Other

Kevin Doyle is a writer and director of interdisciplinary theatre and film working in the European Union and his native New York. He has written twelve plays that have been translated into French, Romanian, and Swedish and produced in seven countries, won multiple honors in the United States and abroad. Doyle is a contributing writer at Diggit Magazine in the Netherlands.

As part of his project THE ARTS, a three-part work of interdisciplinary theater about the history of public funding of the arts, Doyle conducted research on public funding of the arts in Russia.  Doyle also investigated “St. Petersburg The City” as an anonymous artist through his photography, short films, and original writing to reveal hidden undercurrents in the life of the city and its people. Doyle is also interested in the Russian media’s relationship to politics and planned to conduct research on media’s relationship to President Trump.