Participant Profile

Kateryna Rusetska


Kateryna Rusetska works at Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture. She is the curator of arts programs at Kultura Medialna, a team of arts professionals, technologists and urbanists. Kateryna focuses her work on collective identity, memory and history, and development in post-Soviet and post-industrial public spaces. She investigates the ways social and political realities impact the fragility and resilience of individual stories and collective histories. One of her recent projects Youth – Active – City promotes youth activism and civic engagement in Ukraine’s eastern city of Dnipro – a struggling industrial town where she is currently involved in the development of the only Arts and Culture Center.

During her residency in the US Kateryna wanted to meet with arts professionals, artists and community members living and working in post-industrial urban centers and to explore the ways citizens, artists and activists respond to ongoing socio-political shifts and transformations.