Participant Profile

Kateryna Botanova

Ukraine / Switzerland

Kateryna Botanova is a Ukrainian cultural critic, curator, and writer based in Basel, Switzerland. She is a co-curator of CULTURESCAPES, a Swiss multidisciplinary biennial, and an editor of the critical anthologies that accompany each festival, among them Culturescapes 2021 Amazonia: Anthology as Cosmology; On the Edge: Culturescapes 2019 Poland; Culturescapes 2023: Sahara (upcoming). 

Kateryna was also a director of CSM/Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in Kyiv, where, in 2010, she launched and edited Korydor, the online journal on contemporary culture. She has worked extensively with EU Eastern Partnership Culture Program and EUNIC Global as a consultant and expert. 

A member of PEN Ukraine, she publishes widely on arts and culture.  Recently, Kateryna’s essays and articles appeared in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Eurozine, Osteuropa, Various Artists, Dwutygodnik, Tagesspiegel, Atlantic Council, and more. Her essays have been included in Contemporary Ukrainian and Baltic Art. Political and Social Perspectives, 1991–2021. Ibidem, 2021; Future We Are Longing For. Tempora, 2020; Bridges Not Walls: What Unites Ukrainians. VSL, 2020. More to read here


Photo by Bettina Matthiessen for Culturescapes